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FioranoMQ 9.1.1 server released

Fiorano Software, ( a leading provider of enterprise class business process integration and messaging infrastructure technology, today released FioranoMQ 9.1.1, the newest version of its high performance enterprise communication backbone and the world’s fastest standalone standards-based messaging server. The newly released FioranoMQ 9.1.1 implements several new performance-enhancements: Optimizations in the client-runtime and at the server [...]

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Outsourcery launches Dedicated Windows 2008 Servers

Leading communications and hosted IT company Outsourcery has launched their new Dedicated Windows 2008 Servers. The solution will provide growing UK businesses with the opportunity to host business applications or websites on their own dedicated server within Outsourcery’s secure state of the art data centre without having to buy or install it themselves. As businesses [...]

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New server power at Hot Chips Conference

IBM Corporation showed off its new microprocessor at the Hot Chips Conference this week, which boasts a lot of strength with a 45nm chop and an eight core standard. Advanced Micro Devices also debuted its 12 core Magny-Cours device which is based on the x86 based systems market that makes use of a multi-chip module. [...]

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Lenovo new home servers

Lenovo announced Tuesday that they will soon enter the digital world market by releasing four desktops and one laptop, out of which two can be counted as home theatre PCs and servers. Two of the units that stand out among the line up are the IdeaCentre Q700 which is a home theatre PC that may [...]

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HostNExus offers two new products

HostNExus Inc, a popular webhosting provider, announced earlier today that it will release two new products to the market, to provide reliable, low cost web hosting. The two new products are known as the Virtual Private Server (VPS), which is aimed at new companies who want strong control over its server, and the ‘Ruby on [...]

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Astute Receives Certificate of Registration

Astute Networks, Inc received a tremendous boost to its standing as a provider of bladed storage solutions today. At a major press conference in San Diego, Robert Harling, vice president of operations at Astute, announced that an independent auditor, BSI Management Systems America, Inc., was awarding Astute with an official Certificate of Registration for its [...]

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CoreXchange Opts for Force10 Switches

CoreXchange has said that it intends to include Force10 network switches into its data centre network infrastructure. The hope is that it will give high-density scalability with the best of Ethernet connectivity. Force10 will give the company 10 Gb Ethernet switching with high density Ethernet. They consider that this will make the system more secure [...]

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Verari’s New Storage Blades with Intel Solid-State Drive

Verari Systems has announced a new development in its chosen field of energy efficient data centre consolidation platforms. They have introduced a new blade that makes use of Intel’s X-25M SATA solid state drives (SSDs) by incorporating them into their BladeRack 2 X-Series platforms. Solid state drives make efficient use of flash memory for storing [...]

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SuperVPS Successful For ServInt

Information released this week stated that the Internet hosting company ServInt has had a successful run with its new SuperVPS service. The new offering by ServInt is their SuperVPS service which has become quite popular. This service features a way for webmasters to move away from having the benefits of a dedicated server at a [...]

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DemoWolf Opens Its New Reselling Programme

The popular web host DemoWolf has released information on its new reseller program. Using this program, it is possible for resellers to earn at least thirty percent commission on whatever sale they bring to the company. Anyone joining the reseller programme will also receive at least ten percent discounted off the services offered by DemoWolf. [...]

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Aplus.Net Offers New Hosting Facilities

The well known host provider Aplus.Net has announced the addition of new servers to better provide hosting needs to their customers. The company has added new dual quad servers, with a 2.0 GHz and 2.33GHz speeds respectively. They also plan to offer at least 2 GB of DDR2 RAM, and a two hundred and fifty [...]

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The Planet Reduces Xeon 2.4 Servers

Dedicated hosting provider The Planet announced on Monday it is offering Dual Xeon 2.4 servers for $149 per month, a reduction of 29 percent. The offer is applicable through March 31, or until promotional equipment runs out. Obtainable in the company’s six world-class data centers, the server features an Intel Dual Xeon 2.4GHz processor, two [...]

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FWHN Offers 24 Hour Server Build

Managed hosting provider Frontpages Web Hosting Network announced on Friday it is offering dedicated server build starts in under 24 hours. The company tackled customer requirements for a rapid turnaround on their dedicated server by offering dedicated server builds within 24 hours of contract signing. Founded on new technologies and efficiencies, Frontpages is capable of [...]

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Go Daddy Backups With ICANN RDE Program

Go Daddy is leading the industry again, and this time as the first web hosting registrar to escrow names and information. Go Daddy has joined the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Registrar Data Escrow (ICANN RDE) program to backup all of the domain names and customer information it currently has on file. Go [...]

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Microsoft Provides Server 2008 Webinar

Software monolith Microsoft announced on Thursday it will host a webinar to discuss how Windows Server 2008 software can be utilised to construct dedicated servers and appliances. Planned for February 28, the webinar will exhibit “Server Core,” a new facet that minimizes the footprint of the operating system. The live event will run from 8:00 [...]

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Virgin Media Suffers Email Outages

Telecommunications provider Virgin Media’s customers recently endured email outages over the past few days owing to a mystifying configuration dilemma found in one of VM’s eight email server clusters last Wednesday. The continuing failure was said to have affected about 10 percent of VM’s ex-Telewest subscribers. In a written statement, VM said that it had [...]

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PacHosting Offers Windows 2008 Server

Hong Kong-based Web hosting provider PacHosting announced on Wednesday it has launched Windows Server 2008 dedicated server and Web hosting services. Yin Kong, product specialist of PacHosting stated “Windows Server 2008 is a key product in next generation WebWe feel confident that our Windows Server 2008 dedicated server and Web hosting services will provide users [...]

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IBM Houses CDC Games

China based online game developer CDC Games announced on Wednesday it will host its US online infrastructure on IBM servers housed within services operated by Terremark Worldwide, it announced on Wednesday. This amalgamation of CDC Games’ platform and IBM’s hardware simultaneously with Terremark’s facilities and enormous connectivity will present CDC with the ultimate managed infrastructure. [...]

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Gaming Servers Offered by AIT

Web hosting provider Advanced Internet Technologies announced on Friday that it is offering $100 per month reductions off of its enterprise hosting solutions in an attempt to maximise on the game hosting marketplace. With AIT’s new class of game servers, gamers, gaming administrators and entrepreneurs can take subsequent measures to developing their business without the [...]

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Webcity Develops High Availability Architecture

Australian budget domain registrar and Web hosting provider Webcity has developed a unique server architecture that offers high availability, clustered hosting to the budget hosting market, it announced on Wednesday. The High Availability Server Architecture, which tok 2 years to develop, is intended for the cPanel based shared hosting product. The company says it plans [...]

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