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The Olympic Games will place a greatly increased demand on London’s resources, so it’s paramount that Yorkshire reduces its reliance on London’s Internet infrastructure.

In order for Internet services to become faster and more competitive, there is a need for all ISPs to exchange traffic with social networks and streaming media (such as on-demand and Internet TV). On top of this, as mobile download speeds get faster, the need to handle this data regionally becomes even more important. Regional internet exchanges such as IXLeeds are key to making this happen.

IXLeeds will be the first exchange of its kind in Yorkshire. The official launch event is a key turning point in its development, which grew out of a working group set up back in 2008 to promote collaboration between operators in Yorkshire. The exchange is not just a place for ISPs to exchange traffic, but is also dedicated to bringing global Internet expertise to the region, benefiting existing initiatives, such as the rollout of ‘superfast broadband’ and metropolitan Internet services.

The bottom line: According to a leading industry report : “80 new jobs are created for every 1000 new broadband connections”.
Communications Minister, Ed Vaizey said “We must ensure the UK has the digital infrastructure necessary to drive sustainable growth. Projects like IXLeeds will provide cities and regions with better Internet services, which they can use to develop new products, reach new markets and create new jobs.”

Andy Davidson, Board Chair, says; ‘Welcome to Booming Yorkshire – the second largest region in the UK by GDP. IXLeeds allows all ISPs in Yorkshire to develop their connectivity strategy and to reduce reliance on London, enabling internet traffic to take a more direct route between ISPs in the north. This will improve the efficiency of the Internet, resulting in a better service for the end user.’

The launch event will be held at The Carriage Works in Leeds. It’s open to both members and non-members and is free to register. Attendees will be able to find out more about IXLeeds as well as hear from industry speakers Robert Ling (Broadband Delivery UK – the Government vehicle for delivery of policy on broadband), John Souter (LINX, the London Internet Exchange) and Dr Adam Beaumont (aql – a Leeds based telecommunications operator).

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Cambridge University Engineers Visits Manchester Datacentre http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/2011/11/16/cambridge-university-engineers-visits-manchester-datacentre/ http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/2011/11/16/cambridge-university-engineers-visits-manchester-datacentre/#comments Wed, 16 Nov 2011 14:25:22 +0000 Brian Turner http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/?p=544 Leading UK Internet Infrastructure and Web Delivery specialist M247 has aroused the interest of engineers from the prestigious Cambridge University.

David Green, from the University’s Department of Engineering, visited the company’s Manchester datacentre and head office recently to have a look at the innovations used to build M247’s renowned climate control system which helps keeps its burgeoning datafloor operating efficiently while at the same time significantly lowering M247’s carbon footprint and reducing the bottom line of its annual power spend. Since David is involved in the update of the Engineering Department’s computer room cooling as part of the University’s Carbon and Energy Reduction Project, its anticipated that the exchange of ideas will cement a relationship from which M247 and Cambridge University will both benefit.

With its original datacentre already close to full capacity in Manchester and another one in Kidderminster in the West Midlands also full, M247 is in the process of opening its third UK datacentre right next door to its head office and is targeting a PuE of just 1.15 (Power Use Effectiveness, the standard by which datacentre energy efficiency is measured all over the world). Quite an aim considering that the firm already has an enviably green track record on energy efficiency with their main datacentre measuring just 1.18 PuE as ratified by the Green Grid. It’s this remarkably low level of energy usage that’s motivated the Cambridge University engineers to come and have a look at what can be achieved with EcoCooling technology.

By now, it’s well known that the datacentre industry consumes huge amounts of power to keep their servers and related hardware operational and a large proportion of this power is used to maintain optimal climatic conditions within the data floors. This is required so that the I.T. hardware runs as efficiently as possible. Various solutions are available but M247 is utilising a “cold aisle” system taking advantage of adiabatic air exchange cooling technology. The cold aisle contains and directs a minimum volume of cold air, which is expensive to produce, and allows M247 to micro manage the enclosed server aisle both in relation to its optimal temperature and its relative humidity. A by-product of the sophisticated system set up by M247 is that the circulating cold air is also highly filtered, stripping it of any damaging particulates that could shorten the operational life of the valuable hardware. Even better, the exhaust air has a further use in that it heats up M247’s office space, removing their need for a secondary heating system during the winter months. Extraction fans fitted in the ceiling of the office space helps keep it cool throughout the summer.

To ensure that power is always available, even in the event of a regional outage, M247 has installed a number of large backup generators that automatically start up if the normal power supply is interrupted. Here again M247 has found a way of lowering its carbon footprint by supplying power from these generators to the National Grid whenever demand is high and it becomes cost-effective to do so. This arrangement also ensures that the generators don’t remain idle for long periods and are tested regularly. Other datacentres have experienced power problems when their generators failed to kick in when needed.

While some companies are content to plant trees to offset their carbon footprint, green credentials haven’t come that easily to M247 as they are constantly striving to maintain their low ratings in a real sense. They’ve even developed their own web-based control and monitoring software which can regulated from anywhere with a web connection, even a smart phone.

Managing Director of M247 David Buckle says “when we decided to make our datacentre as efficient as possible we had no model to follow. We felt like pioneers and had to design our own climate control system from scratch and have learnt such a lot from this process. Our plan with the new datacentre next door is to try to improve even more on what we’ve achieved so far.”

Cambridge University’s David Green said “It’s been an interesting and worthwhile visit to M247 and good so see the roll out of technology that is also being used in the Engineering Department. M247 are so far advanced with their designs and thinking I feel I have seen many things that will benefit our own efforts to minimise energy usage and we’ve all agreed today to maintain contact and share our advances in this technology.”

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Work Begins On New M247 Datacentre http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/2011/11/07/work-begins-on-new-m247-datacentre/ http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/2011/11/07/work-begins-on-new-m247-datacentre/#comments Mon, 07 Nov 2011 15:29:47 +0000 Brian Turner http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/?p=542 Manchester based Internet Infrastructure company M247 began work today on their brand new datacentre in Trafford Park. This new building presents M247 with a white sheet of paper on which to design what is likely to be the most energy efficient datacentre in Europe.

Their existing datacentre, located right next door to their new building which was purchased last month, is almost completely at capacity so new customers signing up to the Connectivity, Co-location, Cloud, Dedicated Server, Internet Security and Web Hosting products offered by M247 will soon be able to enjoy the spacious surrounds of the new building which boasts a location with free and secure parking just a very short distance from Junction 9 on the M60 motorway and a stone’s throw away from the Trafford Centre.

M247 Operations Director Jonathan Buckle is part of a team managing the build of the new datacentre and he says “ the experience we gained a few years back when we opened our first datacentre will be invaluable to the success of this new building. We’re determined to have our new datafloors operational in the very near future and a number of our development team will be moving across within days to enjoy their new spacious office accommodation. Our team has grown significantly recently and this new space will help us all benefit in so many ways.”

Asked what other changes this new building will bring, Jonathan said “IceColo, the server co-location arm of M247 will now be offering a “carrier neutral” co-location product set from our new datacentre. In our industry ”carrier neutral” means that customers will have a lot more choice and flexibility when it comes to which telecoms providers they can use. We have also recently invested heavily in ensuring our growing international network operates as efficiently as possible and we can now provide a massive capacity that positions us with practically unlimited growth potential for many years into the future.”

Jonathan also points out that “with a PuE of under 1.2, the existing M247 datacentre is widely regarded as one of the most energy efficient datacentres in the whole of Europe and its planned to build on what’s been carefully developed there to take our new datacentre one step further towards lowering our carbon footprint. “

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Clook in datacentre migration http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/2011/11/04/clook-in-datacentre-migration/ http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/2011/11/04/clook-in-datacentre-migration/#comments Fri, 04 Nov 2011 14:01:46 +0000 Brian Turner http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/?p=539 Popular UK hosting company, Clook, are moving datacentre – a change expected to affect up to 75% of their hosting client accounts.

According to a statement by Clook:

Our upstream colocation provider operates multiple datacentre facilities and we have recently been informed of their decision not to continue offering services at the London Hosting Centre (LHC) beyond March 2012. This facility houses approximately 75% of our core server infrastructure and we will therefore need to physically transition our equipment to their newer facility (Centro).

This decision comes following a detailed review of their facilities and a continued commitment to providing the highest quality web hosting services. With LHC not being an owned building, our upstream provider does not feel confident that 100% uptime SLA’s can be met into the future as they have limited or no control over certain aspects of building management.

The newer Centro facility is based within a dedicated 50,000 sq. ft. secure compound in Hemel Hempstead and has a specification exceeding that of LHC with 100% uptime SLA’s, enhanced security and a more robust network. We have had equipment at Centro for over two years and have experienced superb uptime throughout.

With the amount of equipment needing relocated, and the distance between buildings, the move is being split into three nights, each involving up to 6 hours downtime for the servers being moved. The maintenance windows schedule is as follows and the above link can be used to check which window (if any) your server is scheduled for.

Thursday 24th November 2011 – 10pm to 6am (GMT) Friday 25th November 2011 – 10pm to 6am (GMT) Saturday 26th November 2011 – 10pm to 6am (GMT)

The relocation is being performed by a specialist datacentre moving team, making use of specialist vehicles, with full insurance cover in place for all equipment. This is the same firm that we used in 2006 during our Redbus to LHC datacentre migration – which went perfectly – and we are extremely confident that this transition will go just as well. For anyone worried, you may wish to review our announcement from the previous datacentre move which we’ve made available here: http://go.clook.net/datacentre-migration-2006

Please note that aside from the downtime, there will be no changes to service or pre/post relocation tasks required by clients. All domains, email accounts, settings, server names, IP addresses and everything else will remain the same.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this datacentre move please feel free to open a ticket in Billing/Accounts or post to our forum thread here: http://go.clook.net/datacentre-migration-talk – forum posting (registration/login required) is preferred so others can benefit from questions being answered.

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Datacentres.co.uk offers comparison site http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/2011/10/28/datacentres-co-uk-offers-comparison-site/ http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/2011/10/28/datacentres-co-uk-offers-comparison-site/#comments Fri, 28 Oct 2011 15:03:57 +0000 Brian Turner http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/?p=537 If you’re finding making a choice of datacentre a headache, especially with the explosion of datacentres outside of London, then Infinicom can help you out with their new Datacentres.co.uk website.

The company claims to have a comprehensive range of datacentres in their database, with full specifications, connectivity, and upstream carrier data for each one.

While Inificom state their main aim is to provide a direct comparison of each datacentre across the UK, at present they are simply providing advice and information via contact form.

The hope is that in future datacentres.co.uk will provide more detailed information on each datacentre and then perhaps act as a agent between client and datacentre, where required.

In the meantime, the website is currently up and running for covering the UK.

For more information, visit http://www.datacentres.co.uk/

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4PSA Announces Major New Add-ons for Parallels Plesk Panel http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/2011/10/25/4psa-announces-major-new-add-ons-for-parallels-plesk-panel/ http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/2011/10/25/4psa-announces-major-new-add-ons-for-parallels-plesk-panel/#comments Tue, 25 Oct 2011 14:36:12 +0000 Brian Turner http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/?p=535 4PSA, a technology leader in Cloud Communication Software, has announced today the release of the latest versions of its hosting products range for Parallels Plesk Panel. Its well-known add-ons Clean Server, Spam Guardian, Total Backup, Central Login, and 4PSA OXtender provide now new functionalities, integrating perfectly into the Parallels Plesk Panel 10 business flows.

As anticipated, Clean Server and Spam Guardian have been redesigned for Plesk Panel 10. The antivirus and anti-spam services are now registered as additional Plesk services, simplifying management and integration with third-party provisioning tools such as Plesk Billing. “Back in 2003, 4PSA introduced email antivirus and anti-spam capabilities to Parallels Plesk Panel. In 2011, scanning and filtering are still crucial to any hosting service and 4PSA add-ons are preferred due to their accuracy and scalability. Both Clean Server and Spam Guardian support distributed workloads without affecting other hosting services,” said Elena Carstoiu, 4PSA’s VP of Sales and Marketing.

Clean Server and Spam Guardian feature new reporting areas that simplify provisioning of cloud services. They enable service providers to charge customers based on service utilization. Moreover, the latest versions also introduce IMAP quarantine folders for infected emails.

Total Backup continues to provide superior server level backup and disaster recovery functionalities with low I/O usage and remote storage facilities Total Backup is capable of encrypting the backup archives, which means that they can be safely stored on shared storage infrastructures, reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

4PSA add-ons for Plesk provide the best TCO in business. They can be purchased from the 4PSA online store starting at US $99.

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Security, Power and Price Drive UK Data Centre Market http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/2010/03/11/security-power-and-price-drive-uk-data-centre-market/ http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/2010/03/11/security-power-and-price-drive-uk-data-centre-market/#comments Thu, 11 Mar 2010 14:12:55 +0000 Jan Harris http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/?p=532 A national survey of over 100 senior IT professionals found that there are three factors driving demand in the UK data centre market sector – security, power and price.

The survey, conducted by Telehouse, also showed that most organisations questioned were looking to expand their data centre requirements adding to the current capacity crunch and putting more pressure on UK data centre providers.

Security (28%) and price (26%) were the two factors most organisations most look for when choosing a data centre, followed by power (16%).

Although the demand for data centre space is at a premium the survey showed that if a data centre provider can not offer a service with a suitable level of security and power, and at a competitive price point, organisations will look elsewhere.

83 per cent of respondents stated that access to additional data centre capacity before 2012 is either critical or important to their business.

For years sectors like finance have required huge amounts of data centre space to meet legislative guidelines but, according to the BroadGroup this demand is increasing as new sectors introduce new services.

62 per cent of media companies surveyed by the analyst agency stated that new online media services such as on-demand TV meant that their data centre is ‘a lot more’ important to their business than it had been two years previously.

This new demand is also driving power requirements in the sector as these new services require significantly more power – up to 20kW per rack than traditional services.

“The findings mirror the feedback we have received from our customers. London has for a long time come under scrutiny regarding power and data centre space.

Many rival European cities cite more flexible government legislation over power consumption to be a key reason for attracting data centre vendors and organisations alike.

With the average UK power prices increasing and data centre space at a premium, it is critical that organisations chose to partner with a vendor that can meet their needs now and into the future,” said By Bob Harris, Technical Director, Telehouse.

“Although power was regarded as critical, surprisingly only a small per cent of respondents stated that green credentials were a defining factor when choosing a data centre.

“We expect this to dramatically increase in importance as the UK Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme comes to fruition next year and organisations have to balance their carbon footprint,” concluded Harris.

Data resilience (16%) and accessibility (11%) were also regarded as important to the respondents.

Telehouse recently announced its Telehouse West facility, an £80 million state-of-the-art datacentre in London’s Docklands that will provide 19,000 square metres of secure data centre space for UK businesses.

The facility will meet the power, security and price demands of the market.

Telehouse West is the first major data centre to gain planning permission in London since stringent sustainability requirements were written into the city’s legislation.

One of the reasons for the project’s approval was the range of innovative green power schemes.

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Rackspace Ranked as Top IT Services Employer Again http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/2010/03/10/rackspace-ranked-as-top-it-services-employer-again/ http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/2010/03/10/rackspace-ranked-as-top-it-services-employer-again/#comments Wed, 10 Mar 2010 11:35:07 +0000 Jan Harris http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/?p=530 Rackspace (www.rackspace.co.uk), the world’s leader in the hosting and cloud computing industry today announces that it has been voted as the 30th best place to work and once again the highest ranking IT Services company, in the prestigious Sunday Times 100 Best Companies Awards.

Commended for its continued focus on employee engagement, Rackspace has ranked as one of the top ten companies for people, who love what they do, believe in the company and its future and deliver a great service.

Rackspace has, for the third year running, been featured in the top tier of the Sunday Times Best Employer Awards. The Awards, which are based on employee interviews, indicate that Rackspace has created a fun and caring environment that helps nurture and grow individual talent.

The Sunday Times notes that 89 percent of Rackspace employees that responded to the survey are excited about where the company is going, with 79 percent saying their work is great for their personal growth and 95 per cent stating that they are proud to work for the organisation.

Brian Thomson, EMEA Managing Director at Rackspace, comments: “We are very proud of all the progress we have made in our business over the last year and what is truly pleasing is that as the company has grown our ‘Rackers’ continue to feel valued in their roles.

“We are thrilled to see that our employees love what they do and are excited at where the business is going. Our continued success is without doubt because of our Racker’s tireless dedication to Fanatical Support and the passion they show every single day.”

Rackspace is one of the UK’s most successful and fastest growing providers of IT hosting services.

It has consistently been recognised for its excellence as an IT employer, with a number of accolades, most recently being one of only14 companies to receive a Laureate award from the Financial Times for being one of the best places to work in the UK and Europe 2009.

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Data Centre Leaders to Set Agenda on Green Technologies http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/2010/03/08/data-centre-leaders-to-set-agenda-on-green-technologies/ http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/2010/03/08/data-centre-leaders-to-set-agenda-on-green-technologies/#comments Mon, 08 Mar 2010 14:47:15 +0000 Jan Harris http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/?p=528 Major industry leaders in the European data centre sector will meet at the sixth annual conference taking place April 22-23 at Sophia Antipolis near Nice, France.

The high level content and debate will set the agenda on exploiting Green technologies over the coming year (www.datacentres.com/dce).

A high calibre line up of top speakers and experts includes data centre gurus, Christian Belady, Director of Hardware Architecture – Partner Extreme Computing Group, Microsoft Research, Michael Manos, Vice President, Service Operations, Nokia, Roy Zeighami, UCS Power and Cooling TME, Cisco and Laurent Vernerey, President & CEO IT Business, Schneider Electric; Europe’s data centre leaders, Anthony Foy, Managing Director, Interxion, Michael Tobin, CEO, TelecityGroup, Eric Schwartz, President, Equinix Europe, and Bernard Geoghegan, Senior Vice President of International Operations, Digital Realty Trust and Guy Willner, Chairman, Data Gardens Russia.

Special presentations will be made by Paul-François Cattier, Vice President France, Benelux & French speaking Africa, APC by Schneider Electric, on the results of a new study by the Data Centre Group in France, and Marion Howard Healy, Associate Consultant, BroadGroup on a new study of Private Cloud.

In addition the expert speaker academy includes Dr. Paolo Bertoldi, Principal Administrator, European Commission Directorate General Joint Research Centre, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Ellen Brigham, Director of Product Marketing – Juniper Networks, Candi Carrera, Director Client Service Operations, eBRC, Pieter Duijves, Managing Director, Parthenon Data Centres BV, Charlie Forte, Vice President, Global Operations and Infrastructure, BP, J. Clifford Gauntlett, Managing Partner, Solent Media Group, Peter Hannaford, Vice President, Datacenters & Alliances EMEA/LAM, APC by Schneider Electric, Andrew Harrington, Partner, AHV Associates LLP, Andrew Jay, Senior Director, CB Richard Ellis, Apostolos Kakkos, CEO, Lamda Hellix Data Centers, Andreas König, Senior Vice President and General Manager EMEA, NetApp Deutschland GmbH, Chad Lamb PhD, Director of Engineering, XKL, Bernard Lecanu, President, BLIC Consultants, Catalina McGregor, United Nations Agency ITU-T Liaison Officer to OECD and EC/EU, Rocco Panetta, Partner Panetta & Associati, Rome and Member of the Italian Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Commission, Alex Rabbetts, Managing Director, Migration Solutions, and Steve Wallage, Managing Director, BroadGroup Consulting.

The 2-day international meeting includes the content-led conference, annual prestigious Awards dinner which this year includes the European Green Initiative Awards which has been endorsed and will be presented by the Green Grid, an industry exhibition, and special workshops.

Sponsors and Partners include APC by Schneider Electric, Interxion, TelecityGroup, XKL, H2O Networks, Euclyde, Digital Realty Trust, eBRC, Migration Solutions, BL International Consultants, Equinix, Cadwin FM, Lamda Hellix Data Centers, ARUP, Scottish Development International, APL, Surf Telecoms, Stulz, Conteg, Microsoft, CBRE, Noodlesoft Technologies, The Colocation Exchange, Gimélec, Data Centres News Search, IX Consulting, IT One, Econference and Global Security Magazine.

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FibreSpan Connects to Interxion Data Centre http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/2010/03/04/fibrespan-connects-to-interxion-data-centre/ http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/2010/03/04/fibrespan-connects-to-interxion-data-centre/#comments Thu, 04 Mar 2010 13:23:27 +0000 Jan Harris http://www.webhostingworld.co.uk/?p=526 Interxion, a leading European operator of carrier-neutral data centres, today announced that FibreSpan, a network carrier specialising in dark fibre and ultra-high-bandwidth services, has successfully connected its network to Interxion’s London City data centre.

The addition of FibreSpan’s dedicated dark fibre network to Interxion’s London City data centre brings its total portfolio of carriers to 32, offering Interxion’s customers an even wider range of connectivity options.

In addition, FibreSpan’s customers are now able to locate their mission-critical systems in one of the most desirable colocation facilities in the UK.

FibreSpan specialises in the design, construction, and maintenance of bespoke dark fibre and ultra-high-bandwidth managed networks.

It was one of the first to pioneer the delivery of dedicated dark fibre to multiple customers – consisting of digital media post production houses, financial organisations, local authorities, hospitals and universities – connected to its bespoke point-to-point networks.

Interxion’s data centre, located in the heart of the City, offers some of the lowest latency on the market and provides a highly secure physical location with advanced infrastructure for mission-critical applications.

High-density power configurations from 5 kW up to 30 kW are available as standard, with industry-leading service levels and availability and 24×7 secure access to equipment.

“Interxion’s central City location was a critical factor in our decision-making process because everything we do is focused on low latency”, said Robert Bicket, Chief Executive Officer at FibreSpan.

“All of our financial and digital media customers look to us to provide them with the lowest latency possible, so we always ensure our networks are designed to deliver just that.”

“FibreSpan is another excellent example of the successful execution of our segment strategy which focuses on bringing together communities of interest that can benefit from close proximity to one another,” said Kevin Dean, Chief Marketing Officer Interxion.

“With the addition of FibreSpan to our roster of connectivity partners, we are particularly excited about being able to enhance the low-latency connectivity options available to financial services and digital media customers,” concludes Dean.

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