Data centres continue to expand despite recession

| August 19, 2009 | 0 Comments

Even in the face of the economic recession the data centre sector is still managing to grow at a steady rate, proving that the need for infrastructure that can guarantee performance will always be in high demand.

According to a survey from CommScope, 32% of all the organizations that were surveyed plan to build new data centres and four out of the five organizations or 85% are making use of data centres for infrastructure support or other related technology products.

The survey included more than 730 IT professionals who represented a total of 54 countries.

Director of the Enterprise Data Centres at CommScope, George Brooks, said that the data makes it clear that data centres are not something organizations are prepared to go without, and that the business world will continue to invest in them as they are critical for performance that is aligned with business goals.

He continued to state that while some businesses have made a few efforts to cut costs when it comes to data centres, applications that are needed for enterprises have not been part of the cost cutting efforts.

In a sign of the times however, 65% of the survey respondents stated that they had to show a good projected return on investment plan before new plans for a data centre could be accepted.

Other results from the survey include the fact that 54% of the organizations who responded felt that copper cabling would aid with the best solutions.

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