Security expert too much of a risk for web hosters

| August 5, 2009 | 0 Comments

Kevin Mitnick is having a hard time finding someone to host his webpages.

The computer hacker turned security consultant has been released from the web hosting firm he subscribed to, as too large a security threat.

Mitnick is often a target for security attacks, given his status as a somewhat deviant turned security cop.

Mitnick said that he is not angry about his dismissal from, noting that he is aware that he is a target because hackers want to take him down in a struggle to show their authority, and that he cost the hosting company a large amount of money to support.

In its place, FireHost has decided to take a turn at hosting Mitnick’s advertising page for his consultancy agency: Mitnick Security Consulting LLC.

CEO of FireHost, Chris Drake, claims that its service is able to provide better defence mechanisms than those that customers may find at other web hosting firms, a claim that will soon be tested if Mitnick’s past is any indication of his future online with FireHost.

FireHost has only hosted Mitnick’s website for about a week, but according to Drake it is already clear that his website receives about twenty times more attacks on a daily basis then other websites that the hosting service supports.

Mitnick gets a perk out of the webhosting service FireHost, as the ordinarily hundred pounds a month hosting firm is offering him support for free, as a testament to their abilities to keep their clients safe from attacks.

This is not such a bad deal for a modest internet celebrity, who has learned over the years that personal information does not belong on a website, thus either way you cut it, he is pretty safe.

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