Verari’s New Storage Blades with Intel Solid-State Drive

| September 10, 2008 | 0 Comments

Verari Systems has announced a new development in its chosen field of energy efficient data centre consolidation platforms.

They have introduced a new blade that makes use of Intel’s X-25M SATA solid state drives (SSDs) by incorporating them into their BladeRack 2 X-Series platforms.

Solid state drives make efficient use of flash memory for storing and retrieving all types of data.

These flash based units are much faster than hard disk drives. Not only that but in an increasingly green conscious IT environment they also use considerably less power.

Verari have laid claim to the first time Intel SSDs have been married with storage blades.

These new blades not only use less power, they need less cooling, again saving on energy resources and power costs.

The company point out that the new blades give the same server workload but take up less space than conventional hard drives. They see this as a way forward for ‘green’ data storage.

The company managed to combine its high density 12TB SB1056 SATA II Disk Blades and the Intel SSDs after a year of trial and error to produce this efficient energy saving tool.

Verari will make for good support of graphics, server and workstation virtualization and storage, but are mostly suitable for any application that requires huge amounts of information to be stored or retrieved quickly and accurately.

They see this as being practically applicable to IPTV video streaming electronic trading systems, real-time data feed processing that move huge amounts of data back and forth.

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