Rackspace Issues Support Assurance

| March 19, 2008 | 0 Comments

Last week, Rackspace had, in the past month, silently launched a corporate blog, and it had been using that blog to distribute its ever-present “fanatical support” message.

It also used the blog last week to issue its latest “Fanatical Support Promise,” the shortened version of which is that Rackspace will let customers depart before their contracts are due if they aren’t fulfilled with the company’s service.

This, says Frederick Mendeler, vice president of fanatical support, in the somewhat lengthy blog posting announcing the program, is something the company was previously doing, “but now we’re making it official.”

He summarizes a somewhat fundamental process whereby customers can hold Rackspace responsible for its promises (which is the company’s purpose in issuing the promise).

According to the blog post:

“If a customer believes that we have failed to meet our promise of Fanatical Support, we’ll set up a thorough investigation and present an action plan to resolve the immediate issue and to prevent similar issues from happening.

“The customer will have access to a manager 24×7 for issue escalation, which can also escalate to the Executive Team.

“Mendeler says the service level agreement is something customers won’t find anywhere else in the hosting business, where the popular agenda is to hold on to customers no matter what the cost, even if that cost is to the customer.”

Rackspace is extensively regarded for the excellence of its customer service, in no little part thanks to the reality that the company is determined to be recognized for its support. But beyond the announcements and oft-repeated catchphrases, offers like the Fanatical Support Promise in reality move forward ideas of customer service in an interesting direction.


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